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Pocket DVR

By Anne Ahira

You have probably seen hidden cameras like this pocket DVR pro on your favorite crime drama or blockbuster movie and thought of a thousand uses for such a device.

If so you are going to be one happy camper because the general public can now by pocket pen, sunglasses and much more equipped with hidden cameras that can record both audio and video.


There are several States in the Union that prohibit hidden cameras that do voice recording. At last count, at least 15 have laws on the books that say it is illegal to tape another person’s conversation. Before you purchase a device like this, one you should check the legality in your state.


So, how do these little covert cameras stack up in the real world? Well the results will vary of course depending on which model you use and how you use it but here; we will discuss just one particular model, the Pocket DVR Pro II.


The audio recording capabilities of this unit are not top of the line. That being said, they are not horrible just somewhat low. In order to understand the dialogue recorded with the pocket DVR you will need to play it back louder than normal. You can completely forget recording anything that is lower than typical conversation you will not be able to pick up very low voices or whispers.

Video Recording

You must keep in mind that the camera on the Pocket Pen is recording through a pinhole, so if you expect James Bond quality you can forget it. If you are in a well lit area, natural light or otherwise you will get accurate color rendition.

In fact the images will be close real. Under more muted lighting, your video quality will still be fair but you may notice a bit more shading. Overall, the video quality is good, and if you consider the size of the camera, it is excellent.


When you are using a small camera disguised as a pen it is quite obvious that you do not want to advertise the fact that you are recording. That brings into question the cameras ability to remain covert.

For the most part this hidden camera will not be noticeable as anything more than a high-end pen. That is unless someone was leaning over your shoulder staring down at the top of the device.  It is a bit wider than a normal pen so if you have a clingy shirt you may have issues with keeping your recording on the down low.

Another issue you may run into while hiding this camera is the back of the unit. There is a tiny light in the back that glows red when the unit is on and flashes blue when it begins recording.

In your pocket this will not be a huge problem however if you take it out for a better view you need to be careful of reflecting surfaces, even your hand. This could be better designed.


Using the device is fairly simple. As per instructions, you will need to insert the memory card and then switch the pen to the on position. You simply hold the record/ stop button until the initial light goes off and the red light comes on.

Holding the same button again will switch the recording resolution. Follow the instruction manual and play with each resolution until you are happy with the results. Playback is probably best accomplished on your PC.

Features Included:

  • 3.5 Hour Battery
  • Time & Date Display
  • 4GB Card
  • 640 x 480 or 320 x 240
  • 29fps
  • AVI Video
  • 1.3MP CMOS Camera
  • USB adapter cord
  • $119.99 current Amazon price


If you are in need of a good little pocket camera this could be the right device for you. It works simply, is very reliable and not really that expensive when it comes to spy equipment.

There are probably better models out there but you can rest assured they are going to cost you a whole lot more than $100. It is amazing that you can find a camera small enough to fit inside the typical ball point pen, isn’t technology amazing?

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