Polaroid DVD Player


polaroid dvd player

polaroid dvd player

By Anne Ahira

Portable is in, and that includes movie viewing. Polaroid DVD player comes in different styles, both one-screen swivel models and two screens are available.

The perfect solution to keeping the kids quiet on a long trip is to carry their favorite movies along with a couple of sets of headphones. For this article, let’s look at the single screen swivel based Polaroid DVD player.


  • 7 inch LCD wide screen
  • TV guardian
  • Plays DVD, DVD R/W, DVD +R/W
  • Audio- CD and CD/R
  • JPEG image compatible
  • Dolby Digital converter


This Polaroid DVD player gets big thumbs up for the addition of the TV guardian. Now you can filter out content and language you do not want the children to be exposed to.

Relax on the trip to grandmas knowing you have parental controls in place and they will not be listening or watching anything you deem inappropriate.

Swivel screen makes it easy to share the view with friends. Alternatively, swivel it around and click the player back on itself with the screen up for portability, leaves no worries about snapping the swivel.


Detachable battery does not ship with the unit. This is a big detractor from the value of this Polaroid DVD player. You can use the unit without battery backup but it would be nice to be very portable right out of the box.

TV guardian, while available is not activated without a fee. This is a bummer, but the price you must pay if you are concerned about the materials your children are listening to and looking at.

Sound quality is not the best out of these small players, an investment in a good pair of ear buds is essential for your viewing pleasure.

Customer Ratings

Customers have cited few if any problems with the unit. The only customer with a complaint did not list specific issues in their post. Others have used the unit on long trips and for months on end without a single problem. You cannot please all the people all the time.


The Polaroid DVD player portable is a nice player, especially if you have children. Take it on trips and never listen to fighting in the back seat again.

If you have more than one child you might want to invest in a player for each child or you will invariably hear squabbles over what they watch next.

Price point on the Polaroid DVD player is not bad. New they are a little pricey at $200, however never discount refurbished units, they are a quarter of the price and most of the time come with a limited warranty.

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