RCA Remote Control


RCA Remote Control

RCA Remote Control

By Anne Ahira

If you have even one electronic in your home, you have probably had and lost the remote control.

They seem to disappear as easily as socks, going to a place never to be seen again by human beings! There may be a conspiracy here, no one is quite sure.

Seriously, though we have all lost the television, stereo or DVD remote at one time or another and had to go and find a suitable replacement.



A good choice is the RCA remote control, they offer a 6 device universal remote that will operate most electronic devices.


  • Compatible with most DBS Systems
  • Gemstar Guide Plus Gold
  • Extensive Code Library to operate your brand
  • RF Capable
  • Extended range
  • $25 on Amazon


Do you have a drawer full of remote controls of various size and function? If you are like most households you do, there is one for the DVD player, television, stereo, and surround sound.

This does not include possible satellites and televisions in other rooms. It can be a true nightmare trying to find the right remote for the right piece of equipment.

The RCA remote control looks to control the madness by offering you one remote capable of controlling 6 different devices. Now you do not have to dig through junk drawers only to find the wrong remote or the right one with dead batteries!

Packed with the RCA remote control is a handy set up guide. It will take you systematically through the process of adding all your electronic devices to one remote control.

You will find codes for many popular brands of televisions, DVD players, satellites, and many other controllable devices. Simply follow the instructions and within minutes, you are all set.

As technology has advanced, it has become almost impossible to operate many televisions and other electronics without a remote control.

Some features are not accessible from the front panel, and the menu can be a real pain to navigate without the remote. Save yourself aggravation and purchase a RCA remote control if yours is lost or has quit.

With many RCA televisions, this remote will work straight out of the box with no programming needed. Take it out, insert batteries and away you go channel surfing to your heart’s content. What could be easier than that?

Bottom Line

The RCA remote control will save you much frustration and can even save you money. Imagine how much you can save by only having to purchase batteries for one remote instead of six? The remote is also very reasonably priced and available online and at local retailers.

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