The Sharp Camcorder


Sharp Camcorder

Sharp Camcorder

By Anne Ahira

Sharp is a well known name and a leader in developing LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. In 1992, Sharp released the VeiwCam, which showed the recording on a 4” LCD screen.

This was the first of many Sharp innovations in the realm of video camcorders viewfinders and is a standard feature on today’s camcorders.

This respected Japanese corporation was founded in 1935 and known as Hayakawa Metal Industrial Laboratory.


The Sharp Camcorder Developed

Camcorder technology has come a long way in the past years and video technology even further. The first video makers worked with barely mobile heavy cameras in black and white only recorded on huge rolls of film. Then to video technology with tapes and tiny viewfinders that were laughingly called mobile but were very heavy.

Today’s camcorders are lightweight with flash memory capacities that would astound the developers of the camcorder back in the day, and miles from the heavy video machines they began with. 

In 1995 digital video camcorders arrived and Sharp was not first to enter but followed the digital wave right behind Sony and Panasonic. Though at one point Sharp seemed poised to surpass Sony and Panasonic in the realm of digital recording it never materialized with the Sharp camcorder.

Sharp Camcorder technology relied as much on the LCD display screen as the camcorder itself and each version become more polished and lighter with more features.

The Sharp camcorder such as the Sharp Viewcam with 3” LCD screen is still available new at sites like Amazon. This camcorder was released in 2000 and a great improvement over the camcorders of the time in terms of cost, stability, the viewfinder of course, and battery life.

One of the main features of the Sharp Viewcam was its screen with a picture in a picture display. It used an A/V cable to connect to the televisions but was considered excellent in terms of ease of use, battery life and weight. It gave a continuous recording time of 1.5 hours, which was excellent at that time.

The Sharp Viewcam also had an image stabilization feature, which was incredibly useful for a handheld camcorder since no longer was video restricted to news crews and filmmakers with their stands and shoulder cams.

The longevity of this Sharp camcorder testifies to its durability and quality even though Sharp did not go as far as they might have in the realm of camcorders.

Sharp camcorders are not as well known in this age but the investment in developing the LCD technology has paid off with Sharp LCD televisions leading the field. 

While other companies such as Panasonic and Sony have surged ahead into the ultra lightweight digital camcorder age, Sharp has shifted its focused and excelled producing innovative products on the cutting edge of technology and multiple research facilities they continue to produce exceptional new products.

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