Sigma Camera Lenses

Sigma Camera Lenses

Sigma Camera Lenses

By Anne Ahira

Photography can become an expensive hobby or a lucrative career. For either of these noble pursuits you will soon be faced with choosing not only your camera but lenses as well.

Before you get hot and bothered in the camera store there are some good ways to choose each and every camera lens you purchase.

  • Decide what you will be shooting, and everything is not an option! If your main focus is going to be shooting little league soccer then you will need Sigma camera lenses like the 100-300/4.


  • Check out the competition, even if you have your heart set on specific Sigma camera lenses it can never hurt to checkand see which company is giving you more bang for the buck.
  • Like many hobbies, the bottom line is you get what you pay for. Image quality will be better the more you pay for Sigma camera lenses or any lens for that matter. However if you are only looking for better quality family photos and do not plan to market the images you can be more frugal.
  • This comes right around to the single largest determining factor when choosing between Sigma camera lenses, the budget. It really matters little which lens you want if there are not enough green backs to cover the cost. Lenses can be modest in price, $50 or over the top, $1,500. You will have to determine where your budget fits into that range.

Now that you are armed with some key tips, you can begin to examine the different lenses and choose your favorite. That brings us to a review of a reasonably priced model of Sigma camera lenses.

Features – Sigma 55-200mm f/ 4-5.6

  • Nikon G-type mount
  • 55-200mm focal length
  • f/4 maximum aperture
  • 43.3 minimum focusing distance


The pricing for Sigma camera lenses like this one will fit nearly any budget, it retails for less than $100 on Amazon and as discussed earlier can make or break a lens purchase.

This is a great starting lens for the amateur photographer. Priced well and takes excellent photos with adequate lighting.

You will not want to use this say, for an indoor graduation, but for most other applications such as a visit to the zoo or those vital before prom pictures it is well worth the money.


Is this the lens that will shoot you to photography stardom? In a word, no. However, it is a wonderful lightweight lens that will surely enhance your experience.

Take some time considering which Sigma camera lenses are right for your budget and your picture taking goals.

Here's Sigma Camera Lenses Selections: