Types of Kicker Signal Cable


Signal Cable

By Anne Ahira

No equipment setup can be complete without a signal cable set that is meant to connect the vital components together.

This shouldn’t be a problem as audio and video signal cables are affordable and should work with no problems.


The most common is the RCA signal cable and it is always essential to have a spare especially when traveling. Many of the cheapest signal cables available have limitations such as their length, flexibility, and durability.

While these types of signal cables may be fine for home use, professionals or people that want better security will find Kicker signal cables to be worth the slightly higher cost.

General Features

Divided into several series, the Kicker signal cable has a pair of twisted-pair conductors which help eliminate any signal interferences resulting to unwanted noise.

With the Hyper-flex technology, this Kicker signal cable overcomes the flexing limitations of traditional signal cables allowing the wire to twist, bend, or contort in all sorts of ways without inflicting any damage to the delicate internals.


Although no longer available from the Kicker website, S-series cables are still available in Amazon.com. The most affordable ones are the video signal cables that have the general benefits of the Kicker brand.

The design of the cable stands out having hints of yellow and on the connector itself. It is shielded to avoid unwanted picture interference. Higher-priced models have multiple channels up to 4-channels, while having the same 3-meter length although some cables can be 5 meters as well.


The K-series is also not available in the main site, but serves as a more affordable alternative to the S-series and can be found in Amazon as well.

They are virtually the same as the S-series in looks and enjoy the same general features as well, but the RCA connectors are 4-cut instead of 6-cut to make them a lot cheaper. Still the quality is there as the split center pin is gold-plated.


The X-series one of the two modern series of the Kicker family of signal cables and offer more features for added durability and convenience. It has proprietary-machined metal ends to make them easy on the fingers and special gold-plated K-cut collar.

The center pin is dual-split and is protected by a black mesh. A wire-loom jacket also provides extra protection. On the convenience side, for 2-channel models, there is a special color code that helps distinguish the front and rear from the left and right channels.


The Z-Series has the same tactile-grip RCA ends as the X-series, but it has superior construction which is needed for an improved bass response. Combined with all of the other features of the X-series, this is the signal cable to get for the best possible signal clarity. The Z-Series also includes the video Interconnects boasting the best picture quality while having a small diameter.

These signal cables can be as short as 1 meter or as long as 6 meters and the Y-adapters add to the possibilities in making a fully functional setup of different equipment.

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