Smallest Bluetooth Headset


Smallest Bluetooth Headset

Smallest Bluetooth Headset

By Anne Ahira

Cell phones reside in the pocket of nearly every man, woman and child in the world. If a person does not have one yet, chances are pretty good they will have one soon.

All this attention to the cell phone has created a need for hands free devices. These devices are called Bluetooth headsets, and allow you to talk on your cell phone while leaving it in your pocket. This is very handy when you are driving or tending to other important matters.

Like everything else in the world the headset is a product that manufacturers keep making smaller and smaller. The idea is the less obtrusive the device is the better people will like it, and this is true for the most part.

Every year a new company releases the smallest Bluetooth headset. In years gone by, we have seen the Netlink bluespoon and the Invisio, today the smallest Bluetooth headset designation goes to a company that will be a little more familiar to most people. The Motorola H9 has won the award for smallest headset so far this year.


  • 4 ear tips
  • 1.5 hour talk time
  • 7.5 hour standby
  • Small as a quarter ‘ 1 inch round
  • Snug fitting design


The smallest Bluetooth headset from Motorola is indeed that, small! This unit fits in the ear canal and is pretty much flush with the ear. It picks up your voice through the ear canal.

This is a cool looking device and incoming calls are a breeze to hear. With the way the unit is designed you will have little problem with ambient noise interfering with your conversation.


Unfortunately, the smallest Bluetooth headset was a great idea poorly executed. The first thing you will notice about this headset is the incredibly short talk time.

At one and half hours, this headset is ridicules for everyday use. If you use your cell phone less than 1.5 hours per day, you probably do not need a headset in the first place.

The technology that will allow you to talk clearly on a device that is lodged in the ear canal is just not there yet. People will find your voice muted or low and while you can hear them fine the opposite is not true.

Bottom Line

When it comes to coolness factor the smallest Bluetooth headset wins with flying colors. However, this is not enough to overcome the many detractors of this device.

Motorola had great success with their H500 series of headsets but they have totally missed the mark with this one.

This is not a recommended product no matter how many people you will make jealous, their envy will quickly turn to mirth when you must constantly recharge the unit or they have to talk to you while you are using it.

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