The Sony Ericsson S500 Mobile Phone


Sony Ericsson S500

By Anne Ahira

The Sony Ericsson S500 mobile phone, which was released in the year 2007, is a “slim slider” mobile phone which is lightweight at 94 g, and compact measuring 99 x 47 x 14 mm.

One of the cell phone’s most attractive features is the handset lights which change colors and glow simultaneously with different times of the day or week, the changing of the seasons, and as day moves into night.

Various menus on the phone also change simultaneously. The S500 comes available in your choice of either two colors, “Mysterious Green” or “Spring Yellow” which Sony Ericsson says was designed to emulate nature.

Many consumers prefer this particular mobile phone because of the fact that they exhibit a unique design that is highly appealing.

The Sony Ericsson S500 is also extremely versatile with many capabilities such as allowing you to transfer pictures and video taken from anywhere immediately to another cell phone, internet website, or email.

You can also transfer picture files from the phone to a computer and with the “Sony Ericsson Disc2Phone” software; your favorite songs which are stored on your computer can be transmitted to your mobile phone.

The S500 is also capable of MMS, SMS, instant messaging and email and has a speakerphone. The phone also comes with Blootooth technology which allows you to connect to other devices which are Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth enabled headsets used in conjunction with this mobile phone provides you with hands-free operation.

The Sony Ericsson S500 comes with an internal memory of 12MB which is expandable to 2GB with an “M2″ or “Memory Stick Micro”. The digital camera is a 2.0 megapixel camera with a 4x zoom and is also capable of video recording.

The screen display is two inches in “TFT” or “Thin-film transistor” with 256K colors. The battery is a “Li-Po 900mAh” which when fully charged gives up to nine hours of talk time and three hundred seventy hours on stand-by.

If you are one that requires a cell phone that provides you with many different features, and has an extended operation use for convenience, then you are likely to benefit from owning the Sony Ericsson S500.

Speaking of convenience, you may be surprised to find that this particular cell phone has a large assortment of functions that will assist in organization and time management.

The calendar option allows you to insert numerous details regarding your obligations, including entries that are considered to be repeats. You will thoroughly enjoy the fact that this feature may be synchronized with Outlook on your computer.

This feature will allow you to completely optimize your time and organize the events that you consider to be important. Additional features include special applications, such as a calculator, voice recorder, and memo pad. The Sony Ericsson S500 is more than a mobile communication device, it is a necessity.

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