Next Generation Toys- Spy ATV



By Anne Ahira

Let’s face it kids today did not grow up in an environment anything like their parents or grandparents did.

Most 5 to 12 year olds have always had high tech game systems, internet and much more. This means that kids today require more technologically advanced entertainment than kids from just a generation back do.

If any of this sounds even slightly familiar, you may have found yourself scratching your head wondering what toy you could give them that would spark their interest. The Wild Planet Spy Gear ATV may be just what you are looking for.

Advanced but Durable

It seems like the more advanced a device is the more fragile it becomes, however you will not have to worry about this little tank. Built of sturdy plastic construction it is large enough to stand up to your youngster but small enough to put away easily at bedtime.

Complex yet Simple

The Spy ATV is a complex idea that comes to you in an easy to use application. There are only three major pieces to this set up the ATV itself, Spy goggles and remote control. The remote control allows children to navigate the unit around the house while the goggles fit over the head giving them a first person view of places they have never been before!

Hours of Fun

In addition to being able to see under the bed and in other remote corners of the house the headset comes with an ear bud, which allows your child to hear everything around the ATV. Now your little explorer can fancy themselves an international spy like 007! Just make sure you are careful when discussing Christmas present plans!

The Challenge

This is a great toy for many age groups; even some adults may get in on the game however, there is some challenge to using the Spy Gear.  It may take a little practice to get the ATV going where you want it to go and the video clarity takes a little getting used to. Do not worry though your kids will be climbing the laundry mound with their spy gear in no time flat.


  • RC all terrain vehicle
  • Real-time video and listener
  • Full-function, dual-track radio controlled ATV
  • Off-road power
  • 360-degree view button
  • Headset LCD viewing screen
  • Ear bud for listening
  • $250 current Amazon price


The one major plus to the ATV 360 spy cam is the fact that the wireless remote range is so good. While there is no promise of range reports from the field say that it works well from one level of the house to another. Now the kids can hide under the bed upstairs and spy on you downstairs.

Kids across the country agree that the coolest feature of the ATV spy gear is the 360 spin. With the push of a button, the tank will spin in a full 360 giving you a complete view of the entire room. The only thing kids thought could be better with this unit was the display; they would have preferred color to black and white!

Your pets will either love or hate this new toy and one thing is certain your children will love figuring out which!  Many small dogs will probably enjoy chasing the toy so you may want to keep a close eye on them, it would be a shame to spend this kind of money for a chew toy.


This is primarily an inside toy, the view is not as good when you take it outdoors, and it does not get along well with mud puddles. You would have thought a tank could take a little water recon, but hey, it is a toy and not the real deal.

The biggest complaint from parents is powering the spy cam ATV. This unit requires 12 AA batteries, and if you are thinking of using cheap batteries do not. Your best bet will be to invest in rechargeable batteries, as this toy requires a lot of juice.


When you want to make a small Childs eyes light up this spy toy is a great way to do just that. Kids of all ages love the idea of spying around the house while they stay hidden. The added sound is a big bonus for a toy of this type. Children today are a product of a technological revolution and their toys are living proof of this fact.

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