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By Anne Ahira

How would you like to be the favorite aunt, uncle or grandparent for a while?

Birthdays and Christmas are a great time to make that happen, but the truth is you can give a child a gift any time of the year and spy gear has to be one of the best presents ever.

Kids are focused on movies and video games almost to the exclusion of everything else because they love cool graphics, gadgets and fantasy. 

What if you could give those gadgets and fantasy in a box? That is exactly what they will find with the Eye Clops Night Vision Stealth binoculars.

Night Time is Play Time

By the time most kids are around 8 years old they are beginning to outgrow any fear of the dark they might have experienced, and if they have not what better way to encourage them to explore the dark than a pair of night vision binoculars? They can keep a wary eye on all the nighttime activity in their room or even in the backyard when they get brave enough!

With advanced technology, these binoculars will allow your child to see up to 50 feet in the dark. They will have two modes to choose from spy or long-range mode. The Eye Clops binoculars have a great dual contrast LCD display and kids can adjust the focus.

Infrared Technology

You may even be amazed at how bright the dark world becomes when viewed through binoculars with real infrared technology on board. Darkest corners of the house or neighborhood will come to life when viewed with this wonderful kid’s toy. Long-range viewing will delight kids and even some adults for hours on end.


Your little spy will easily be able to fly under the radar with these binoculars due to their covert styling. Black in color and action detailed they will feel like they are in a 007 movie for sure! Unlike some similar type toys, these binoculars have an LCD screen that provides clean images to both eyes; other units have one large viewing area.

In order to remain totally unseen these binoculars give your spy a choice of operation modes. Stealth mode lets them operate the binoculars without the light emitted by the device. There is even a military mode for the truly dedicated spy!

Improvements from Eye Clops 1

This is the second installment of spy glasses from this company and with the night vision binoculars, the company made some decided improvements. If you have purchased the first generation spy goggles, you may want to check out the upgrades.

The original goggles came with one central viewing screen so the inclusion of a dual view LCD was a much needed improvement. The one thing they were not able to add was depth perception so children should still be monitored while they play, but the larger screen provides a larger field of vision.

Another big change from the original is the binocular format; originally, these were sold as goggle type head gear. On the one hand, these are a bit sturdier and longer lasting however, the seal around the eyes is not as good, which allows some light to escape. This is only a problem if you are trying to play a spy version of hide and seek however.

Bottom Line

Kids love these spy binoculars! They can create all kinds of scenarios that include espionage and subterfuge and be content to play for hours. Some kids like to pretend they are in the military and strut around the yard in full black garb with their Eye Clops binoculars, keeping an eye on the perimeter and protecting the dog house from would be invaders. Whatever their play is, about one thing is certain their imaginations can run wild and free.

High tech gadgets today such as game systems cost several hundred dollars and most of the time do not include even one game, which means you are going to be out another $50 to get them started.

These spy binoculars will cost you less than $50 and have your children running ops in the yard instead of glued to the television, overall a very wise way to spend your hard earned money.

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