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Spy Toys

Spy Toys

By Anne Ahira

Most of the time when parents consider a toy for their young child things like price, availability and the Childs desire for the toy come into play.

The benefits the toy may provide are generally not as high up on the priority list; however, they are equally important especially when you can find a high demand item that will actually help your child.

The Robotrixx construction toys are a prime example of a high demand toy with benefits. There are several of these sets including a T-Rex, Spider and other more.

Struxx took the idea of building blocks and construction sets and added movement, light and motion sensing to the mix. Talk about a toy that will capture the imagination!

Natural Desire to Build

Watch any toddler playing with their toys and you will see instantly a desire to build and create. Even if they do not have building blocks or construction sets to work with they will construct forts out of your storage totes, idle boxes and anything else they can stack up! Of course, when they are this age they also like to wreck it all and start over. The point is the desire to build begins at a very young age.

What Children Learn

While you child is building and destructing they are actually learning some very important skills. Putting together construction type toys increase dexterity, strength and hand eye coordination. They are also learning spatial thinking and creativity, who would have thought so much learning, was going on in this type of simple play?

Learning does not stop there, your child is beginning to recognize object placement, art, design, science and even mathematics and they do not even know it yet. As children grow and age you can continue this building education with toys like the Robotrixx T-Rex mentioned above and you add a technological element to the equation.

How to Encourage Play

Some kids are naturally more inclined to play with these types of toys than others do however even they can get discouraged when left on their own.  You can affect their interest greatly and encourage them in just a few simple steps.

  • Get down on the floor or up to the table with them! You can help them with their special project or work on your own building something totally different, the important thing is that they see you are interested in the process. Children are the greatest imitators and when they are in their formative years, they want nothing more than to be like mom or dad.
  • Allow your child plenty of time to finish a project. The more advanced the construction set is the more time it can take to complete and you do not want your child to feel pressured. This is the surest way to create frustration that will result in them abandoning the project all together.
  • Do not just hand them a construction set and walk away. Provide your child with handy storage to keep their prized toy in, this shows you are supportive of their endeavors even if they are old enough to do the dinosaur, spider or building all by themselves.
  • Try not to criticize and correct when they place a piece in the wrong place! Who knows they may be the first kid to figure out how to put the T-Rex tail on the nose and get it all to work together. Of course, if they are stuck or frustrated you can gently guide them through the instructions, but do it together do not take over the build yourself.


Construction and even spy toys are a great way to keep young children occupied and happy but you should always look for toys like the Struxx Robotrixx that will stimulate them as well. Too many toys today are simply time consumers and give nothing back in the way of education, at least the toys children actually like to play with.

When you have the opportunity to fulfill their wishes and sneak in a training tool at the same time shouldn’t you take advantage of the situation? You never know you could be grooming the next great architect at your kitchen table!

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