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Sunpak Tripod

Sunpak Tripod

By Anne Ahira

At some point in your life, did you ever dream about making your own movie? Run around yelling “Cut!” at people and achieving that ultimate shot that shoots you to fame and fortune.

Okay, maybe your interest in film and photography is not quite so grandiose, perhaps just a home video or two and volumes of photos to immortalize the wonderful moments in life.

For either scenario, there is one piece of equipment that can make all the difference in those family moments, a tripod.


Most of the time even if you have nerves of steel the hand will be a little unsteady or shake imperceptibly, you may not notice it at all while you are shooting, however the video playback and blurry photographs tell the real tale.

As with any job it is important that you have the correct tools, this is true for photography and video as well. Here we will examine the Sunpak tripod, and help you determine which one is right for the job you have in mind.

Still Shots

A very good choice for still photography is the Sunpak tripod 620. It is actually capable of being used with either still digital cameras or camcorders; however, there is a better unit available if you plan to film a lot.


  • 3 way pan head with tilt reference scale
  • Quick release mounting plate
  • Gearless lift and lock center column
  • 18.5- 49 inches extension
  • 19.7 inches folded

The convenient center column provides easy height adjustments, this and the quick release head make the Sunpak tripod 620 an instant favorite with consumers. In addition, the stand is lightweight, portable and very sturdy, a combination that is hard to come by.


When you are filming home movies or your shot at the Oscars, you need a tripod that has fluid pan head movement.

Tripods that are made for still and video are often lacking this key element. Though the heads move in any direction, they are not smooth enough for gentle tilts and pans.

For this kind of action, you need a Sunpak tripod 620-757B.


  • 3 way fluid affect head
  • Bubble level on head and yolk
  • Geared center column
  • Heavy duty articulated rubber leg tips
  • Retractable spikes
  • Removable head
  • Second mount on lower center column
  • Flip leg locks
  • Graduated leg section

As you can quickly see this Sunpak tripod has several more advanced features than the prior model. The fluid affect head gives you a smoother video recording.

Bottom line

There is a Sunpak tripod for just about any use. Consider the primary use of the tripod when making your decision, if you are equally interested in both types of film, still and video, there is a good combination tripod out there. Talk to a local professional to get even more tips on how to choose.

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