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DVD Recorder VHS Combo


dvd recorder vhs combo

dvd recorder vhs combo

By Anne Ahira

Blue ray is working on taking over the movie industry more and more you will be seeing new releases on both DVD and blue ray format.

This does not mean however that there is no demand left for DVD and even VHS compatible players. In fact, a DVD recorder VHS combo is just the device some people need.

One of the best DVR recorder VHS combos on the market is the Toshiba up converting DVD recorder. For under $200 on Amazon you can have your cake and eat it too!



  • DVD recorder/VCR combo
  • Progressive scan
  • 1080p up conversion
  • Color stream Pro
  • JPEG photo viewer


The best thing about a DVD recorder VHS combo is that you do not have to throw away your vast VHS library! You can now watch all your old favorites to your heart’s content or dub them off on DVD.

Convert all those old home movies to the more stable DVD format and not risk losing another precious memory to tape malfunction.

The Toshiba DVD recorder VHS combo has the unique ability to “upgrade” if you will the picture quality of even an old VCR movie to near HD quality. In fact, one user claims the playback quality of a VHS to DVD recording was almost as good as blue ray.

One button dubbing is a nice feature, though at first it may be a bit daunting. Have no fear the player is simple to use and you should have no problems dubbing most movies on this unit.


What every person needs another remote control to keep up with and this one comes with 48 buttons! You are not likely to be able to replace the loss of this remote with a universal so be careful!

User manual could have been better poor descriptions and overall light on information. Not a well laid out manual at all.

For a certain number of older movies this player will not work. They will not record and you will need your older unit to run through the AV hook-ups on the front of your DVD recorder VHS combo.

Customer Ratings

Customer response to this unit has been quite favorable. Fewer issues with DVD’s that will not burn correctly or out of synch audio and video issues.

It is advisable to always use quality blank DVD’s from a reputable source. Many times companies will bundle huge lots of blank disks together knowing that many of them will not work.


If you need a good DVD recorder VHS combo this is an excellent model. Few reported problems and excellent customer service team up to make a good purchase for anyone.