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Magellan Roadmate

Magellan Roadmate

Magellan Roadmate

By Anne Ahira

The Magellan Company has been making GPS units for a very long time. The Magellan Roadmate is one of the models that have helped to show why this company is so well respected in the industry both by competitors and the consumer as well.

The Magellan Roadmate series of GPS units is pretty extensive and covers most every price point for the consumer. They range from about $120 to around $300 so no matter what your budget, you should be able to find one of the models that will satisfy your particular needs for a mobile navigation unit.

Every model in the Magellan Roadmate series of GPS is easy to use and even the base unit offers a plethora of feature rich content that will give everyone from the novice to the advanced user the features they need to feel like the unit is a good value.

The current top of the line Magellan Roadmate almost works its self and is so extensive that it gives you an effortless yet very powerful navigation experience to the user.

The unit is so packed full of the best of features that it could easily take more room than we have for the entire article just to describe briefly what it will do and how eel and easily it does them. In fact, that can be said for all eleven models in this line.

Each of the siblings in the Magellan Roadmate series give the consumer more than enough in the way of features that we could expend several pages of words on each and still not cover all of the features that they have to offer. Suffice to say that no matter which model in the line you chose, you will be a very happy owner.

The Magellan Roadmate line also offers a huge selection of accessories. And these stylish accessories make it easy to personalize the way you use your GPS. You can purchase cases, mounts, cables, cradles, antenna, expansion cards, and more.

That means that no matter what it takes to personalize your purchase and to make the GPS unit you choose the best choice for you, it can be found here.

Magellan has long been in the forefront of the GPS technology race and the Magellan Roadmate continues the time honored tradition laid down by its predecessors in this area.

Many Magellan models have paved the way since the mid 1990s and even though they might be antiquated and dated by today’s standards, if you have one of the early models you might be interested to see how much they have changed and yet how much remains the same. It’s comforting to know that Magellan has continued the excellence that was set by its early models.

Garmin C330


Garmin C330

Garmin C330

By Anne Ahira

The Garmin C330, also referred to, as the Street Pilot C330 is one of the easiest GPS units ever designed.

It is now discontinued but the people that already own the unit pretty much refuse to give them up for any reason.

The Garmin C330 came to the owners ready to roll and you could open up the box and be enjoying the benefits of navigational assistance without spending countless hours reading a manual and learning the fine points of what it was doing and why it was doing it and how to make it do something. Just power up, touch the screen a few places and go.

The Garmin C330 came preloaded with street makes and a pretty sizeable set of Points of Interest called POIs in GPS lingo.

You simply touch the easy to see screen and enter in an address or something you are looking for, like maybe an ATM or place to eat and boom, up comes the map and the little wonder guides you to the place you are after with very little fuss and muss.

The Garmin C330 allows you to program in your own POI items so that you can know where things that you normally go to are located no matter where you are coming from and no matter what it actually is that you are going to.

And should you either out grow the POI memory or decide to leave the good old United States of America, you can pop in a small SD card and add optional maps for any place in the world that you might be going for business or vacation so you can be assured that you will get where you are going safe and sound no matter where in the world that might be.

Street price for the Garmin C330 when sold new averaged in the $105 range and it was a bargain at that price. While it didn’t have all the bells and whistles that we have come to expect from a GPS unit these days. Its big plus is that it was small, simple to use and accurate.

The Garmin C330 has been compared to the TomTom Go because of similarity in design and features but there are a few distinct differences.

For one the Garmin has interchangeable faceplates, which are not found on the TomTom and for another the Garmin has a rechargeable battery back up so you can actually use it outside of the car and away from external power.

This nifty little GPS was and is a great unit and would make a nice easy to use model for travel or a second car because you just set it and forget it and let it so its job while you concentrate on driving.