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Cable Connectors

Cable Connectors

Cable Connectors

By Anne Ahira

Our modern world is one that is full of electronics. With electronics comes the need to hook up wires or cables and with the need to do that we have a need for a plethora of Cable Connectors to get that job done.

We’re going to go over some of the different types of them here to familiarize you with them so you can have a general understanding of things that you might see.

Cable Connectors around your home entertainment unit can come in a wide range of styles.

Most RCA style connections carry either strictly an audio signal from things like a CD player into the surround sound receiver in your living room. Some video signals called GRB also are transmitted via a thicker cable with termination in an RCA plug.

High quality video can be transmitted into a cable via an S-video connection which somewhat resembles an old PS-2 mouse plug. Your cable or satellite might use the standard cable connection called and RG, which you might be most familiar with.

There is also a connection called an HDMI, which is used to send high def video to and from most new fully digital sources. While there are other connections that you might find in your living room system, this covers most of the common ones.

Cable Connectors in the world of your computer are too numerous to cover in entirety. We’ll hit some of the most common out there today. For getting signals in and out of your computer the most common, bar none is the USB or Universal Serial Bus connector.

Most devices today use it and it can be plugged in and out without turning off the PC and will not cause damage to your computer. The second most popular is the Firewire cable, which is used for moving large amounts of data, like video or multi-track audio from a device into and out of the computer.

You will also find your computer might have a Cat 5 or Ethernet Cable Connector or connectors on it. This is used to interconnect your computers to routers and other home networking gear.

While you are thinking about Cable Connectors keep one thing in mind. Unless you are a technician, if a cable is broken or not functioning, don’t try and fix it yourself.

If you cross up a wire you can cause irreparable damage to the device or devices that might be hooked together with that connection and that will be more expensive than just replacing the cable with a new one, I guarantee it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If you find a Cable Connector that you don’t recognize, get someone else to identify it before you play with it, it might goof something up or even worse, it might injure you.

Where to Find Cheap Cable


Cheap Cable

Cheap Cable

By Anne Ahira

If you live in a modern home, chances are you have at least one gadget that requires cables.

Composite, S-Video, HDMI and coax are all commonly used and lost or broken cables.

Moreover, if you happen to have special devices that require proprietary cable, finding cheap cable becomes a nightmare.



In the media world, high definition is king from HD cable channels to blue ray player’s people are consistently trying to get the best picture possible. One very popular cable for this is the high definition multimedia interface or HDMI.

This cable and corresponding port allows you to transmit the clearest high def images from your HD DVD or Blue Ray player to your HD television. The down side is this is not a cheap cable.

If you shop for this cable locally, you will find that most HDMI cables are around $30, for one cable! Moreover, this “cheap” cable from retailers is generally of poor quality. You may have heard the saying you get what you pay for, but when it comes to HDMI cables this is just not the case.

To find a cheap cable for HD applications a good place to shop is Amazon. They have a variety of HDMI cables that are far cheaper than retail.

  • Belkin Ultra High Speed HDMI- $11.99
  • HDMI to HDMI cable – $3.31
  • Media Bridge Ultra- $9.99


It is also hard to find a cheap cable for many specialty applications. If you have a game system like the Play Station 3 or Nintendo Wii, you know that many of these are proprietary cables, and replacing them at your local electronics store is anything but cheap!

Amazon has you covered for many of these cables as well. Purchase an 18ft Wii sensor bar extension cable for less than $5 on Amazon. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to purchasing a cheap cable for your game system. Other cables include:

  • Wii AV component cable (for older televisions) $3.20
  • HD link for Wii- $13.99
  • Wii HD Component – $15.00
  • PS3 HDMI and USB – $36.99
  • PS3 Monster Component- $15.99
  • PS3 optical Audio- $17.76


Amazon is the place to shop for all of your cheap cable needs. In addition to all the fine products listed above you can find computer, printer and stereo cables just to name a few.

If you are in need of any type of cable, your first stop should be the internet and Amazon in particular. Do not pay exorbitant amounts of money for a cheap cable that you can get for a fraction of the cost if you shop smart!