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Bluetooth Stereo Headset


Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

By Anne Ahira

As the world of electronics continue to evolve things get much better for the consumer. It used to require a cord that attached into your device, which had to be within a few feet of you to listen to music.

There was the issue of the cords getting tangled in whatever you were doing and they were generally just a pain in the butt for most people but an annoyance that we dealt with because there were no options.

Today the Bluetooth Stereo Headset is on the scene and the audiophile has a new way to enjoy music without the need to be physically wired into the device.

Bluetooth in general and the Bluetooth Stereo Headset in particular allow the individual to get pristine and crisp signal from the device tin to a little headset that is unobtrusively set into the ear of the listener.

The device has a decent range so you are no longer required to be at arms length from the device that is being used. In fact not only can you be a ways away from it, but several people can now use the same transmission and listed to it with their own head sets.

The Bluetooth Stereo Headset is great to have when traveling with the kids in the car because they can all listen to the same movie at the volume level that they each prefer without bothering mom and day as they drive.

This means that the trip can be much more enjoyable for the parents and the children alike so everyone is more likely to arrive fresh and in a better frame of mind.

The Bluetooth Stereo Headset can be used on most any device that has a regular stereo headset jack from walkman type devices to the car stereo to the portable DVD player and even most cellular phones and PDA units on the market today.

The Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a fairly inexpensive add on device which can be picked up at any place from the mega electronics specialty stores to the super big box retailers and is basically a plug and play type unit that requires no extremely special or tedious work to be made functional.

A decent Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a great addition to anyone persons personal audio toolbox and one that, if you use headphones at all, you will not regret at any point after the initial purchase.

It will give you a lot of enjoyable audio for a reasonable price and I wager that any time you put it on and tune the music in and the world out you will thank the inventor for the great addition and the fantastic sound and lack of cords to get in the way of your activity.

Logitech Freepulse Review


Logitech Freepulse

Logitech Freepulse

By Anne Ahira

Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland and quickly grew into a multinational corporation after their computer mouse became an industry favorite.

Officially, the company competes in the computer peripheral device market. Simply put, they produce computer accessories like mice, keyboards, PC game controllers and webcams

In recent years, however, the company has branched out a bit and has started offering home computer speakers, headphones, and even audio devices for mobile phones, iPhones and MP3 players. In this article we are going to discuss one of the company’s most exciting products, the Logitech Freepulse.

Logitech officially entered the audio accessories market way back in 2005 when they introduced the first Bluetooth headphones that could be used with the iPod.

It was a stunning debut as the headphones sold well, even though they were quite pricey and the head bands we said to be flimsy, even fragile. Still, the technological innovations and the simple fact that they were first made the headphones a hit.

Three years later, Logitech took another step forward when they released the Logitech Freepulse. These wireless headphones are not only far sturdier, but they are also less expense. (They can be purchased for less than one hundred dollars, fifty dollars cheaper than their predecessor.)


The Logitech Freepulse has a behind-the-neck headphone design, which is often problematic. As any industry insider or reviewer knows, these models typically place too much pressure on the ear.

But the Logitech Freepulse cleverly deals with problem by using a carbon wire inside of the headband, which makes it much lighter and more flexible.

The Logitech Freepulse headphones also boast adjustable silicon ear straps that make them one of the most secure headphones on the market. The headphone speakers themselves are also said to be quite comfortable as the company has increased the thickness of the cushions.

The Logitech Freepulse also changes the traditional way that headphones work. Instead of clamping onto your ears, like a bear trap, they merely drape over the ears. This means that there is very little pressure and that users can wear them for hours on end without their ears aching or getting numb.

The only significant flaw reviewers have noted in Logitech FreePulse headphones is that users cannot adjust the length of the headband. However, you can adjust the earphones and the straps, so unless you are hypercephalic, you should be fine.

Tech Features

The Logitech FreePulse has a Bluetooth transmitter that is fairly basic. It is lightweight and small and does not include a lot of special features. There are both strengths and weaknesses to this basic design.

Probably the best thing about it is that it can be used with any audio source, like computers or even home theaters. And what the headphones themselves lack in special features they more than make up for with their many adapters, which gives users the ability to connect to nearly any iPod or iPhone.


And now for the most important question, how well does it work? According to most reviews, the Logitech FreePulse provided better than average sound quality.

But it is really the design features that set it apart from the pack. The headphones are so lightweight and comfortable that they can be used at work, at home, or even at the gym.