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Blu Ray DVD Player


Blu Ray Dvd Player

Blu Ray Dvd Player

By Anne Ahira

Sony designed the Blu Ray dvd to take the standard DVD format one step further.

Playstation three and high definition video are the main uses for Blu Ray and the Blu ray DVD has the same size as a CD and a standard dvd.


These days HD DVD is considered old news. If you have a home theater then you only have one choice for high definition movie discs and that is blu ray.

Blu ray DVD player will give you outstanding images when watching movies that are encoded in a resolution of 1080p and full and vibrant colors that really do put standard DVD players to shame. There are many Blu ray DVD players on the market today so choosing one can be a bit difficult.

You can purchase an expensive Blu ray DVD players that stands alone and you can choose from a wide array of streaming media options which include YouTube and Netflix. The price you pay for a blu ray DVD player can vary from a couple of hundred dollars up to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the features offered.

A great Blu ray DVD player should be a fast loading system that plays music, videos and photos from an USB drive or by means of a network. It should offer you the best image quality and integrated decoding for the numerous HD audio soundtracks on the market today.

A blu ray DVD player should come with a remote control that is simple and easy to use with playback controls in a sensible place. Be sure to check that the blu ray DVD player you are looking at has a great user interface. The simpler menus seem to be the best and straightforward icons are always greatly appreciated.

Nearly all new blu ray players are Profile 2.0 compatible. This means that they can access playback features that are available on blu ray movies. A great blu ray player will offer you at least one gigabyte of storage so that you will not have to plug in a USB memory device in order to download more content.

The good blu ray dvd players also are equipped with a Wi-Fi connector and an ethernet port and should be able to allow you to stream media from PCs that are connected to a network.

The very best blu ray DVD players offer Dolby digital surround sound, gold plated connectors and memory card slots.

Choosing a great blu ray DVD player should be done by taking your budget into consideration and by thinking of the features that you want and cannot live without. There are many great blu ray DVD players available, so take your time when choosing so you are sure to get the one that is perfect for you.

Blue Ray DVD Player


Blue Ray DVD Player

Blue Ray DVD Player

By Anne Ahira

A blue ray DVD player is one that plays blue ray discs. In actuality there are many terms for Blue Ray technology for it is an optical disk storage standard that was originally designed by the Sony Company in order to supersede the standard DVD format used then.

Its majority of uses are for actually running a Playstation 3 games format, as well as high-definition video and also it will also perform data storage with a 50GB dimension. This disc has the same physical dimensions though as any standard DVD and CDs.


Sony coined the name Blu-ray disc and the name was derived from the blue-violet colored laser that is utilized to read the disc.

Technically, a standard DVD uses a 650 nanometer red laser, but Blu-ray uses a somewhat shorter wavelength, it is actually a 405 nm blue-violet laser, and thus it allows for close to six times more data storage than on a standard DVD. Thus a blue ray DVD player can play for longer than the standard DVD player.

A while back there were format wars that battled over high-definition optical discs, and thus Blu-ray was competing with the HD DVD format which Toshiba which was supporting, however the HD DVDs had to cede in February of 2008, and it was then that the format war was ended.

The Blu-ray disc was and still is developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, which is actually a group that represents a tremendous amount of different makers of consumer electronics, motion pictures, as well as computer hardware.

For instance, as of January 2009, there are more than 890 Blu-ray disc titles that have been made available in Australia, while there are 720 in Japan. There are also 140 in the UK, and 1,500 made available in the United States.

Meanwhile, though it is definitely not compulsory, the Blu-ray Disc Association has made a recommendation that all Blu-ray dsc drives should actually be made capable of reading standard DVDs and CDs so that backward compatibility can be reached.

Thus, the majority of them can do so. This has created an interesting phenomenon, to say the least. Thus most blue ray DVD player can play the standard DVDs as well as blue ray DVDs.

There is a blue ray DVD player made by many companies now, such as Sony, Panasonic, Corel, Betamax, Sylvania, Samsung, Pioneer, Philips, Marantz and Sharp, though there may be others out there.

They all use the Blu-ray spelling though so if you are going to look for one on the Internet, you’d best use that spelling, although there are many “re-directs” happening if you use another spelling.

Either way, it appears that purchasing an existing Blu-ray technology blue ray DVD player may or may not be the best idea while each tries to outdo the other with “newer and better” technology. It’s actually still a gamble as to where the technology is heading.