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DVD VCR Recorder


DVD VCR Recorder

DVD VCR Recorder

By Anne Ahira

The newest media is available almost exclusively on DVD which is a higher quality with more options for both recording and playback and capable of HD.

A DVD player and recorder is a commonplace accessory in many homes and for those who want to re-record or play their VHS format movies as well the DVD VCR recorder may well be the answer with certain limitations.

A DVD recorder has several choices in how many hours of recorded media it will hold; the lowest is less than acceptable quality by today’s standards and the highest can be exceptional DVD quality playback.

DVD recorders also insert markers ever 5 minutes automatically these can be accessed through the next button on the remote control.

It is possible to create chapters but the process is more complex and the movie or program will need to be recorded in sections with a full stop in recording between each chapter. How to later label these chapters will vary with the unit and can be difficult or simple.

A DVD VCR recorder can play back from both DVD and VHS formats. This is useful for those who have a collection of VHS format movies as well as want to play DVD format movies.

The DVD VCR recorder also is capable of recording from a VHS format on to a DVD format or the other way around. The limitations exist only in that commercial movies and media in either format may be protected by copyright restrictions and may be encoded.

DVD is capable of playing superior quality movies but recording a home movie on to DVD will not usually improve the quality, which depends on the original. Most DVD recorders will have from variable recording qualities and may hold up to 6 hours of media at the lowest playback quality.

DVD VCR Recorder Accessories

A tuner built either in or external will be required for a DVD VCR recorder where recording television programming is also desired.

A built in tuner will permit the recording of most television programming with hookup possible directly from the external antenna or cable. You will be able to watch other programming while recording.

If the DVD VCR recorder has no internal tuner then input will be needed from the cable box or through an external tuner. The unit will only record the program you are watching.

Some DVD VCR recording units may also display other media and for persons who commonly burn photos to DVD then docking ports and inputs are available.

With newer HD, televisions then connection from the DVD VCR recorder to the television should not be a problem as they will usually be compatible. If you have an older model television you will want to be sure, you have the correct input connectors on your television.

DVD VCR recorders are becoming very popular and with many more options, there are units that range from very affordable to fully loaded units capable of much more than the old style VCR unit or the DVD unit and recorder.