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Ins and Outs of a USB DVD Drive



By Anne Ahira

The Netbook is an excellent, compact way to keep your internet and files with you at all times. However, there is a down side to having a Netbook. There is no disk drive.

While the designers were ensuring that the user had everything that they needed to take their networking and information with them, they did not have the room for a disk drive.


This typically means that anything you may want to download, you must do from a USB Thumb Flash Drive. However, there is another option. If you enjoy watching movies and want to do so on you Netbook, you will need an external DVD drive that connects through the USB ports.

There are many different manufacturers and they each have different features that come with them, however, there are some things that they share. Keep in mind though that there are essentially two types of USB connection.

The standard USB connection is typically found on older model laptops, desktops, and netbooks. It is conventional and most USB device works on it, though, not always well.

The newer models have a type of USB connection that is required by most devices, including flash drives and external DVD drives. This connection is called the USB 2.0 port and is preferred because it can allow the device to run smoother and faster.

It is also best for USB DVD drives, due to the video needs required to properly play videos without having issues, such as synch with audio and skipping. The external USB DVD drive is excellent for connecting to a Netbook and is portable enough to take it anywhere.

There are many different manufacturers that offer external USB DVD drives. One of the more popular manufacturers is Targus, which offers the Slimline USB 2.0 DVD/CD-ROM drive.

The design offers a connection with a standard USB connection, as well as a USB pass through that can allow for a secondary USB device to be connected to the computer. This model is also powered directly from the USB port on the computer, eliminating the need for an AC adapter.

Another popular model is the Sony DRX S70U DVD-RAM drive which also offers a DVD writing and rewriting capability. The design utilizes USB 2.0 and can connect quickly to Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. The computer manufacturer ASUS has also released the SDRW 08D1S-U.

This model is lightweight and compact and also comes with a stand that will allow you to stand your external US DVD drive on its side to make room for other devices. This model also offers the capability of DVD and CD write and rewrite.

The manufacturer, Iomega, also offers a Super Slim external USB DVD Portable Writer. This drive is another that has the capability to copy CDs and DVDs. The Toshiba external USB DVD Super Multi Drive also offers CD and DVD copying capabilities.

With the choice between the different manufacturers, there is always an option that will work just for you and for your computer. The USB 2.0 connections are very important and can keep your tasks from timing out or freezing while you are working. You can find these devices in any electronics retail store, as well as online at internet markets like Amazon.

Finding a USB Floppy Drive


USB Floppy

By Anne Ahira

Once upon a time, there were few computers in this world and when they begin to come into people’s homes the main mode of saving information was with a floppy disk and drive.

Do you remember the old 3.5-inch floppy disks? You may even have some still lying around with photos or other information you would like to access, but there is only one slight problem.

Many computers no longer have a floppy drive. Of course, you will be hard pressed to find a drive that will still read the ancient 8″ or 5.25″ floppies, but if you are hoping to read 3.5″ with a newer computer, you are in luck.

USB External

As technology has whizzed on by some people have been left holding their floppies that contain vital or sentimental information.

Today’s computers are no longer manufactured with an A drive so you will have to get either an internal and modify your computer yourself or simply purchase a USB floppy drive that connects to your computer externally with an USB connection.


These models of USB floppy drives are relatively inexpensive and simple to install. All you need is a free USB slot on your computer and you are in business.

Most modern computers have multiple USB ports for all kinds of peripheral devices. One popular USB floppy drive is the IBM.


  • IBM 05K9276 External USB Floppy Disk Drive
  • Work with most laptops and desktops via USB port
  • Super-slim, lightweight design
  • Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
  • Low power requirements
  • USB powered
  • $20- $30 on Amazon


The one very nice feature of this USB floppy disk drive is the fact that you need no external power source. This means you will be able to take the unit with you wherever you travel. The IBM USB floppy is perfect for those looking for more function ability with their laptops.

Many USB floppy drives you find are only compatible with older versions of Windows operating system. You will need to look very closely at any you are considering to be sure they will function with your computer system.

This floppy drive is compatible with many versions of Windows including one of their latest releases, Vista. No word yet on whether this drive will work with Windows 7.


The device will require a powered USB port. For most new computers this is not an issue but you may find a few that have only one or two powered ports. Laptops should all have powered USB ports, but you may want to check the specifications on your model to be sure.

Bottom Line

Even today, many people are still saving information to 3.5″ floppy disks. Certain older digital cameras use these types of disk and some people simply prefer them. While you still can, you will want to take advantage of the ability to purchase this device.