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Nice USB Adapters for Desktops, Netbooks, and Old Laptops


USB Adapters

By Anne Ahira

A lot of the modern desktops and laptops can be found in virtually every computer store and on sale in popular online retailers like

However, not all people may be willing to give up their older systems simply because they are satisfied with the performance of their systems. Others may not have the budget for buying the latest models.

One of the biggest reasons in replacing their older systems with the newer is to take advantage of built-in features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


With many of the older systems having a few USB 2.0 ports, USB adapters can be purchased instead so their older systems can do things that the newer models can do. Here are some of the nice USB adapters that should work fine in any old systems with USB 2.0 ports.

Wireless USB Adapters

Only desktops that have special motherboards with built-in Wi-Fi can connect to a wireless router or other wireless devices. If not, an Ethernet must connect to an available Ethernet port of the wireless router in order to have wireless access. Older laptops may not have built-in Wi-Fi adapters either which leads to the purpose of Wireless USB adapters.

Average wireless adapters with 802.11g 54 Mbps can go as low as $20 while there are newer ones like the Linksys WUSB600N which features dual-band wireless-N that costs around $80 in With the diverse selection adding wireless capabilities is easy as long as the driver is compatible with operating system in use.

Bluetooth USB Adapters

Bluetooth USB adapters are just about the same size as the wireless USB adapters, but do not have an antenna. These adapters grant laptops and desktops to send data wirelessly to devices with Bluetooth. It is useful for connecting and syncing with phones and other mobile devices.

If the mobile has 3G and can connect to the Internet, the phone can share the Internet with the laptop so the laptop can access the Internet wirelessly playing the role of a Bluetooth modem.

USB 2.0 to DVI/HDMI Adapters

Even newer laptop models have DVI or HDMI outputs for connecting with the newest monitors and high definition TVs. Getting a VGA-to-DVI adapter is one way to bring that connectivity to old laptops, but a USB 2.0 to DVI/HDMI saves up the VGA slot and uses a USB one instead.

Some devices like the ARKVIEW USB-1612 Multi-Display USB adapter are better because of their support for multiple displays. It is recommended for the system to have at least 512 MB RAM to take advantage of multiple displays.

Plugging in any of these USB adapters pretty much makes the system as feature-rich as the average laptop or desktop being sold today. This means that a new system is needed if the hardware specs like the processor need upgrading.

Reasons People Love Digital Music Players


digital music players

digital music players

By Anne Ahira

Digital music players have revolutionized the music industry and almost eliminated the need for a physical CD anymore. People love them for their portability, size, ease of use, and much more.

Traditional music players that were portable were big bulky devices that required you to put an actual piece of media into them in order to play back music.



They were big and hard to carry around.  If you wanted to go running and listen to music at the same time then you would have to deal with the music skipping when you hit a bump and even find a way to fasten the device to your body somehow. 

Digital music players are tiny and portable. They are lightweight and you don’t even notice that you are carrying one on you.

Digital music players are so simple to use. All you have to do is plug them into a USB port on a computer. The computer instantly recognizes the device. You can open the folder labeled music. Then all you have to do is drag and drop the music files you want to add to the device into the folders.

As soon as the file transfers are completed you can unplug the device, plug in your headphones, and immediately begin enjoying the music files. There is no learning curve with a digital player. When you burn a CD it can be impossible if you are not literate with a computer.

The biggest reason that people love the digital music players is because of the size capabilities. They have integrated hard drives and the ability to hold hundreds of songs onto just one device. 

A CD can only hold up to 20 or so songs but a digital player has the capability to hold thousands of your favorite songs.

You can have your own portable jukebox. You can add and remove songs as you wish. They will also allow you to move through the songs and choose which ones you want to listen to.

Another reason that people love digital music players is because they are so versatile today. Today they have wireless capabilities for runners in shoes. This allows for an SD card to be placed in a running shoe and all you need are your headphones. The technologies continue to improve on a daily basis.

Digital media players are the best gift anyone can buy for another person who is a music lover. They are excellent devices that are really easy to use on a computer.

They hold thousands of songs. They are tiny and portable and they have completely revolutionized the way people look at music today.

If you are looking for an excellent solution for music and you love music then you may need to consider purchasing a digital music player.