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Logitech Cordless Keyboard Review


Logitech Cordless Keyboard

Logitech Cordless Keyboard

By Anne Ahira

The latest thing in computer technology is losing the wires. Wireless internet, keyboards and other peripheral devices are all becoming wildly popular.

The early edition wireless keyboard and mouse combinations had a few bugs, and the number one problem seemed to be battery life.

Thankfully, however technology has improved and the Logitech cordless keyboard combination is an excellent product.




  • Wave key design
  • Constant Curve design – ergonomically correct
  • Cushioned, contoured palm rest
  • Easy access to Windows Vista : Large
  • Battery Life- 15 months for the keyboard
  • Battery life – 6 months for the mouse
  • $48.16 Amazon price


The first thing you will notice about the Logitech cordless keyboard is the wave design. The keyboard itself looks like it is in a gently wave motion with elevated wrist wrest and keys that are positioned in a gentle U shaped arc.

This places the keys at a more ergonomically correct position for comfort and typing ease. Just to look at this keyboard you might not think these changes would make a huge difference but after a typing session, you will wonder how you lived without it!

Two common typing errors have also been addressed with the Logitech wireless keyboard. The delete key has been elongated and placed in a vertical position while the insert key has been moved completely.

Anyone who has spent time typing has found the insert key to be very frustrating as you hit it repeatedly instead of the delete key.

The caps lock is an often-struck key and most of the time you do not know you have depressed it until you begin typing in all caps, the Logitech wireless keyboard will display the caps lock on screen so you can quickly fix the problem and keep moving.

Along with being more comfortable for your hands and wrist, the Logitech wireless keyboard offers you a full multimedia experience. There are several programmable short cut keys as well as Vista specific keys.


Some people may find the changes in layout a bit frustrating, while others will be delighted. This will definitely be a personal preference issue; however, you may want to handle a display model before choosing to make the purchase.

Some people who have used ergonomically correct keyboards have been exposed to the split keyboard and will prefer it to this model Logitech cordless keyboard. Again, this is a matter of personal preference, but is important to note.

The only real integral problem with this keyboard is the fact that the Logitech software can be a bit buggy. Most of the time the company will have fixes available online for these issues.


This Logitech wireless keyboard is a nice ergonomic keyboard at a reasonable price. The wireless technology offers users a full six-foot range with included extender.

For the price, you could do far worse than this wireless keyboard and once you have tried the ergonomic design you will never go back to a straight keyboard.

5 Reasons to Buy a Pretender Spy Voice Distorter


Pretender Spy

Pretender Spy

By Anne Ahira

Everybody has been on the telephone with someone they would rather not talk to at one time or another.

A nosy neighbor calls to chat even though they know you work late hours or work from home or a gossipy friend calls about their date and all you want to do is get off the phone and do something interesting!

If only there were a crying baby in the next room to distract your attention, oh wait, if you have a device like the pretender there could be.

The pretender is a device that gives you the excuse you need to get off the phone without being rude and just hanging up. Do you doubt that you would ever need such a device? Maybe it would be handier than you think.


People who work from home have an added problem to their day, people who want to call and chat. Sometimes no matter how many times you explain that you have work hours just like anyone else, people do not take the hint.

Now you have two choices, ignore the ringing phone (which many people cannot do), waste valuable time on listening to a boring conversation, turn the phone off (and potentially miss important calls) or be rude.

The pretender gives you another option, a crying baby, barking dog, call-waiting beep or a distinct doorbell ring. Now you are free to get back to work and no one is mad at you.

Bill Collectors

Everyone has a job to do but bill collectors are a breed all their own. You can tell them ten thousand times that you simply do not have any money and they will still insist you need to pay. Well, duh!

As if you did not know, you should pay your phone bill, insurance, satellite or other bill! These men and women are absolutely tenacious when they get you on the phone and they have become experts at disguising their numbers so you will actually answer.

With the Pretender, after you have calmly explained that you will pay when you can you can now interrupt their tirade with a loud dog. Make enough noise and they will tire of trying to talk over it you can be sure!

In Laws

Only one thing is worse than a bill collector catching you at a bad time and that is your in laws catching you. When you get married, it is for better or worse and sometimes worse is a call from the mother in law. This is the one person however that you do not want to be rude to, you can hang up on a bill collector if all else fails but not her. 

The best ploy to use on her will be the crying baby that is of course if you actually have children! Do not try to fool her if you do not because it will come back to haunt you, however an important business call on another line might just do the trick.

The Ex

Today the chances are good that you or your current spouse has an ex, and many times, they will continue to invade in your life. Other times, if you have children together, they may have a legitimate reason to call.

The problem is you will not know until you pick up the phone whether the call is legit or one you are going to regret taking. The pretender gives you an out for this type of intrusion as well.

Stranger Calls

Things get scarier in the world everyday and you never know if the stranger calling is actually a wrong number or someone trying to figure out if you are home alone. The barking dog is a good deterrent for this type of character and even if you are not sure, it is always better to be safe than sorry.


The Pretender gives you a way out of several different types of phone calls without making everyone you know mad at you and there are times when it could even protect you from harm.

This device is not an expensive investment, around $40 on Amazon, and you might have a little fun with the voice distorter. Of course, keep it all in good fun and do not terrorize anyone with it that could get you in legal hot water!