Targus Power Adapter


Targus Power Adapter

Targus Power Adapter

By Anne Ahira

People today have more powered gadgets and gizmos that they carry around than ever before. 

Cell phones, mp3 players, and laptops all have one thing in common they need power to operate.

All of the above have their own internal batteries however as you well know these batteries do not last as long as you do.

How many times have you needed to use one of these devices only to find that you do not have the correct mobile charger with you?

A Targus power adapter may be just the universal mobile charger that you have been looking for.



With eight changeable tips, the Targus power adapter has many applications. It is compatible with several laptop brands as well as cell phones and other electronic devices; however, you may need to buy additional tips.

The Targus power adapter is lightweight and portable allowing you to easily take it were ever you go. It gives you instant access to 70 watts of continuous power.  Never again, worry about dead batteries on essential electronic components.

The price of a power adapter from the original manufacturer, for instance Dell or Sony, will cost you at least $150. The Targus power adapter retails on Amazon for around $80. 

This is an instant savings of nearly half, which is one of many good reasons to see if your device is compatible with the Targus power adapter.


The most important thing you must know about buying a Targus power adapter is whether your device is compatible. If it is not on the approved list, you risk significant damage to your device and or the Targus power adapter. 

Some customers have been understandably upset when this has happened, to protect yourself you might want to consider calling Targus customer service and checking compatibility before you buy.

Another common complaint about the Targus power adapter is a loose feeling connection. A few people have felt that this is a design flaw, but in all actuality, the unit was designed that way on purpose. 

Look at it this way if you trip over the wiring would you prefer the cord come out easily or be firmly in place and risk damage to both the adapter and or your device?


If you travel with your electronic devices, you are sure to encounter a time when you will need alternative forms of power. 

You may be on a long flight wishing you could watch a DVD on your laptop when you notice your battery is nearly dead, if you had a Targus power adapter you could simply plug it in and watch movies to your heart’s content!

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