THX Speakers


THX Speakers

THX Speakers

By Anne Ahira

Going to the movies means large screens, buttery popcorn and amazing sound. There is simply no experience that compares, but the overwhelming reason most people go to the movies is for the sound.

THX speakers are actually any speaker certified by THX for quality sound. THX is an industry standard for speakers and not a sound recording company or specific product. They ensure quality and as such are a must sought after certification.



The company was started in 1983 to ensure that the film, “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” would be accurately reproduced in only the best venues. Today many movies have displayed the THX logo at the beginning of the movie, like Shrek and Toy Story.

To put it simply THX symbol pretty much guarantees the sound for the movie will be as close to the audio engineers original intention as is humanly possible.

The question remains then can you have THX speakers for your own home theater system? The answer is yes, though you will be paying more for them than comparable speakers.

You can choose between several brands that offer THX speakers, the real difference between them is the amount of money you want to spend.

You can go with the highly popular Monster Brand THX speakers and spend about $500 on a single speaker or you could save some money and choose the Logitech Z-5500 THX speaker system.

The Logitech variety will only cost about $250 and you get a full system as opposed to one speaker.


  • 5.1 system
  • 188 watts of bass
  • THX certified
  • Support for 96 kHz / 24-bit digital audio
  • Connect to 6 audio sources
  • 4 satellites
  • 1 center channel
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 6-channel direct cable
  • Digital Sound Touch™ control center
  • Wireless remote control, batteries included


These speakers offer tremendous sound for a small price tag. For about half the price of just one of the Monster THX speakers, you get a complete set of surround sound speakers.

One thing that is different about this set of speakers is the fact that you are not required to have a receiver to use them.

These THX speakers will connect directly to your DVD player or other device directly. Of course, the sound quality is not as powerful as one with an external receiver.

Bottom Line

A great sounding set of THX speakers does not have to cost you a fortune. As you can see by the Logitech speakers above, surround sound can be quite affordable.

If you are looking for a simple set up that will produce good sound these THX speakers are a reasonably priced choice.

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