By Anne Ahira

One look at store shelves will tell you the way of the VHS tape is nearly behind you. Few if any movies are still being released on tape and thus the need for the VCR DVD combo seems a moot point.

Nevertheless there are many people who have developed quite a substantial library of VHS releases and while most movies have been converted to DVD format who really wants to re-purchase all those movies?

One really nice thing about the technology becoming obsolete is that you can pick up a VCR DVD combo brand new very cheap. Moreover, if you choose a used one you can get an even better deal!


Nearly all the major electronics brands have released a VCR DVD combo at some point in the past few years. Some have been winners and other abject failures.

Toshiba and Emerson both have very few good customer reviews which is very surprising as their DVD players and VHS players were very good quality. Guess when it came to blending the technologies someone missed a step.

The clear winner among customers who bought a VCR DVD combo is the Magnavox combination with DVD recorder.

This unit plays nearly every DVD or MP3 format on the planet and allows seamless recording of your favorite television or movie to either VHS format or DVD. In addition, you can convert old home movies from VHS to DVD simply and easily.


  • S video
  • Coaxial
  • AV
  • Audio


  • S video
  • Coax
  • AV
  • 2 stereo audio

If you have an extensive VHS library that you are not ready to part with just yet, this unit is a perfect blend of old and new.

Not only will you be able to watch your favorite old movie you can also convert it to the more stable DVD format with the flick of a switch. Moving into the newer side of this machine you will also be able to play back DVD, DVD R, and SDVD.

Not to mention the CD, Mp3, and CDR you will be able to enjoy. Overall, this VCR DVD combo is the perfect way to transition to the new world without giving up all of the old. No sense wasting all the time and money you have put into your collection anyway!

Who knows some day the very VHS you are watching could be a rare find worth mega bucks on an online auction site.

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